Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Onward to the Carolinas - Misc business

East Coast Driving Trip 2015 - Day 12

We had a slightly lazy morning... if you consider packing up everything and getting out by 10am lazy. It was for the kids... but hubby and I had a bit more to pack up than they did.

We checked out of our room at 10, but wanted to take advantage of one more thing at the resort before we left. Mini-Golf.
So we returned to the clubhouse area and grabbed some clubs.
The course is nice... looks to be fairly new, like the bowling lanes. But the heat was nutty.
I think it was only technically in the mid 80s but 8 holes in and we were all dripping with sweat... bah.
Our daughter and I walked the remainder of the course, playing the holes that looked like fun.. hubby and our son, were more dedicated.

All playing at once! It's what you do in the heat :)
She was holding a stuffed jaguar at the time, and still made the shot... that's talent :)

After golf, it was time for cool drinks and the road.
You know you aren't in the Pacific Northwest when your Iced Vanilla Latte had vanilla coffee creamer as a main ingredient. True coffee aficionados would turn their noses up at this... but it was tasty. Not what I am used to, but I do like a sweet drink, so it was fine, and the girl who made it was quite proud of it :) cute.

We drove into North Carolina today... I got another chance to take a moving picture of the welcome sign...

Ok, am I getting better at this, or what?
Relaxing during the drive.
And we hit a Starbucks... Yup another mug :)
So far I have three to bring home.

Make that four! I was able to pick up the Charolotte Mug as well.

YAH mugs! These two are wonderful. 
This is a pic of the chocolate bar hubby made... you can see the base is dark chocolate, but the top is milk. 

Since it was a driving day today, a few lines to talk about our assorted cars seems fitting.
We had reserved 2 cars for this trip - I think we covered that earlier. We are now in our final car for the trip and we are very happy with it.
We started with a Chevy Impala 2013 - it had 45,000 miles on it. It is a classic rental car in our experience (we often get an impala when we rent) a standard Full size car. Hubby says it had "ok" power. Due to the window issue we swapped it out for a Nissan Sentra (don't know the year, maybe 2015) with just over 6000 miles on it. Less power than the Impala, but more than two cupholders (shame on you chevy... two cupholders, seriously?) And bluetooth... which we appreciate.
Which brings us to our current car. A Dodge Charger 2015 with less than 3000 miles on it. Much more power (hubby likes), ample cupholders, and an air conditioner vent in the back seat.
All in all we are pleased to end with this car. [Editor's note: It also has remote start. That's not something that I would have really thought I needed, but the ability to get the car started (and the air conditioner running) 30 seconds before you get to it can be surprisingly useful in 90+ degree weather.]

The font or style they choose for the speedometer on the charger, cracks us up... Don't worry the driver had two hands on the wheel when this picture was taken. [Also going at exactly the speed limit at the time.]

If you are curious, the Impala had Florida plates, the Sentra had Pennsylvania plates and the Charger has North Carolina plates... random facts here.

Miles today: 366
Miles total: 1459
States Total: 8 (+North Carolina)
Starbucks Mug Total: 4

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