Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hershey Park

East Coast Driving Trip 2015 - Day 6

Today was dedicated to Hershey Park. Roller coasters, thrill rides, etc - as much as we could handle.
Which, as it turns out, wasn't as much as I thought I could handle - but maybe that was the heat ;)

Hubby splurged for a Front of the Line pass for himself, which allowed him to ride all the big coasters, one time, with no wait. This was a great idea... since the rest of the family would only be joining in for one..maybe two, then he wouldn't be away from us for very long. At Hershey Park they assign you a window of time for each ride, but if you miss you window, its no big deal... they will let you use the pass late, just not early.

Its a nice park, but crazy to navigate through. Even after traversing it twice, I still couldn't get my bearings. It's a very hilly park, which made the over 5 and half miles I walked today a good work out.

Kids both survived the Super Dooper Looper (the little lady even has a t-shirt that says just that) but both preferred the Wild Mouse and Trailblazer. I preferred the Looper :) Hubby liked SkyRush.

Photos from our first amusement park day:
Looking at the Map
There they go! (they are blurry, I know)
About to go!
Umm, Nope!
Yes, She is driving! And she did a fine job. 
Chatting with a new friend
Hubby was on this one... and when Google photos goes to the trouble of animating something for you,
you should share it.. no?

Miles today: 32
Miles total: 470
States Total: 5
[Roller coasters total: 11]

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