Saturday, July 11, 2015

One sleepy eagle

East Coast Driving Trip - Day 2

What a full day!
We woke up at 7... wait, nope. I was "lovingly" woken up by my daughter at 3:45 am :(
She was awake.. and no amount of soothing, snuggling or pleading could change that. Somehow jet lag works opposite for her... something to remember in the future.
And by 6 the boy was up and very very (very) excited about our plans for the day.
So, being the delightful wife that I am, I took the kids to breakfast and let the hubby sleep a bit more in peace. Hey, one of us should be sane today ;)

I had the wherewithal to pick up a bottled coffee drink the evening before when we hit the store. So I was caffeinated and the morning rolled along quickly.

Our destination: Romney, West Virginia and a ride on the Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad.

The road ahead is clear

West Virginia was a new state for all of us, which meant we hooted and hollared when we saw the "Welcome to..." sign.


Our train ride awaits. Today's excursion was 4 hours, with some beautiful scenery and some amazing bald eagles.  The train goes along a branch of the Potomac where eagles nest. The views are wonderful. Truth be told, 4 hours was pushing it for me.... 3 would have been much better, but our young rail fan was beside himself with joy, which is a bit contagious.

Bald Eagle in the tree

Enjoying the train

After soaking up the train fun, we hit the road: back to Virginia and on into DC. Our home for the next few days.

Tomorrow we tour the town!

(Forgive the title of today's post... I am working off very little sleep and I found it very amusing - Goodnight)

Miles today: 189
Miles total: 245
States Total: 3 (+West Virginia)

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