Saturday, July 18, 2015

Not all ferry boats are created equal

East Coast Driving Trip 2015 - Day 9

Apparently my kids just wake up early on Saturdays. I don't get it, but okay.
Our first stop of the day was the Cape May-Lewes Ferry... which would take us from New Jersey to Delaware. The process of this was similar to what we have experienced in the Pacific Northwest and BC. The biggest difference was this trip was more open ocean. Which lead to more choppy water... and more grumpy (or absolutely angry) tummies.... we left our mark (enough said).
But most of it was really nice scenery and the 85 minute crossing went fairly quickly (not quite quickly enough).

Ready for the Ferry

View of the Delaware Coastline
A small stowaway

DELAWARE! A new state for all of us!
We drove through. That was about it.

Ok, so this is fuzzy. Sorry. 
Then back into Maryland... where I missed a clear shot at the "Welcome" sign... again!  They moved it to the left side and I wasn't ready to react so quickly.
I know, excuses, excuses.

Clearly I need to practice this :)
We drove through. Stopped for a snack. That was about it.

Then back into Virginia.
Our drive in Virginia was planned so that we could traverse a very long bridge/tunnel/bridge/tunnel contraption [Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel]. This wasn't my doing, and as long as I didn't think too deeply about where we were and what was over us (in the tunnel) all was fine. And we got some fun pictures, before the rain came.

What a view! 

Now into Williamsburg. We grabbed a pizza on our way to the hotel and were able to eat within minutes of walking into our room... very good.
Our room here is great... capital G Great.

Room for all of us and room to relax. Two jetted tubs, a kitchen and (sound the horns) a washer/dryer!

Oh, and this room comes complete with thunder sound effects and light effects simulating lighting... no, wait that came from outside. Wowie! All of the sudden the sky opened up.. not sure the picture will do it justice... but for a second I wondered why someone was holding a fire hose off the roof :)

Miles today: 274
Miles total: 966
States Total: 7 (+Delaware)

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