Friday, July 10, 2015

East Coast Driving Trip 2015

Day 1

We are off on a new adventure!
Today we flew into Dulles International Airport, and then drove to Winchester, VA.
Why Winchester you ask?
It's about halfway between the DC area and the Potomac Eagle Excursion Train.
And that is our destination tomorrow - much to our train loving boy's delight.

In fact he is too excited to sleep at the moment, but hopefully the days travel will begin to wear on him soon, so we can all sleep.

Our flight was delightfully uneventful. We had a great crew and the time past fairly quickly. flying from one coast to the other can take ALL DAY, but with the non-stop we had today, it didn't feel like it.

We landed and before we knew it we were on the road to Panera for dinner.
We decided -- since we had breakfast in the airport and lunch on the plane -- a familiar place for dinner with comfy foods was the way to go.
We loaded up on a few necessities from the local Giant grocery store and got into our drive.
One of the shorter drives of this whole trip, but after 5 hours on a plane, we were all ready to be at the hotel.

Tomorrow a train ride and then to DC!

A bit of history: This is our first road trip since 2012. I vaguely remember when that was over thinking... "Ugh. Let's take a few years off the road trip thing." The kids had done great the year before, but 2012 it was more fighting... squabbling, and we all got sick along the way.
But here we are now a few years down the road, with more independent kids, embarking on not only our longest road trip ever, but our longest vacation ever.
(What were we thinking?)

A few pics from today... a very few, I wasn't thinking :)

Leaving Dulles airport area

Our Evening Drive
Beautiful countryside and amazing clouds

Miles today: 56
Miles total: 56
States Total: 2 (Washington, Virginia)

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