Sunday, July 19, 2015

Warm in Williamsburg

East Coast Driving Trip 2015 - Day 10

Ok, warm is an understatement. It was hot today my handy dandy weather app said it is 84, but feels like 94.. and that is as of now... almost 10 at night. Ugh. Bring on the sweet tea, extra ice.

So, it's hot, but we spent the day at Colonial Williamsburg.

An interesting map of Colonial Willamsburg, found at the Visitor Center
It wasn't to crowded and all the people we encountered were friendly (except one).
We spent a bit of the morning wandering the town, trying to find a groove. After exploring a few of the shops and areas, I felt like it was coming together and we broke for lunch.
Then after lunch we were given scavenger hunt cards for the kids.. this really help set the path for our afternoon.

Trying her hand at a game from back in the day. 

Trying to stay cool in the afternoon shade. 

We were able to officially find 5 items on the list, which was the required number to get your pin.
Along the way the kids also had a chance to try their hands at printing. And each printed their own copy of the Declaration of Independence.

Talking with the pressman
Applying the ink
pulling the lever, to press the paper to the type
Reviewing the final copy
Talking with the pressman
A little animation for you... pulling the lever, which applies the pressure - putting the image on the paper.
Reviewing the final product

We wrapped our afternoon with a tour of the Capitol (indoors, w/air conditioning). And in the end this short tour was the favorite of both kids.

in the Jury box.. by choice? ;)
We dinnered in the room - it was great to eat food we made ourselves.... of course the flip side of that is -- a kitchen we cleaned ourselves :)

And we had a bit of trip administration to complete this evening.
As you know from previous posts, we are using a rental car this trip... well today is the official (planned) last day with this car. Based on the distance we are driving we found a sweet spot in rental car cost. If we return this car today at a local rental car return (but not where we picked it up from) it is still considered a local rental and we don't have to pay per mile, in addition to the rental rate.
But if we had kept the one car the whole way... these last 9 days worth of driving we would have had to pay per mile. (are you with me?)
So, we are swapping cars, this time it was planned. And are thankful for all the miles we enjoyed at the lower rate.

Miles today: 97
Miles total: 1063
States Total: 7

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